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Your student life starts here! We, as the Illusie, also known as the Introduction Committee of the VSPVU, have prepared a wonderful program for you full of activities, lectures and borrels, both online and physicals! Read more to find out what awaits you!


This year the Introduction Days looks a lot more different compared to the previous years due to the many changes that the world has faced over the past months. We want to invite and interact with as much new students as possible, while maintaining social distance or even while being in totally different countries. That is why this year, for the first time ever, the Introduction Days will go into a hybrid!

We have prepared four days filled with online activities, lectures and more, as well as some physical borrels and other activities to enjoy with each other! The best thing of all, also for the first time ever, this program is offered for FREE! Click on the buttons below to download the VU Introduction Days App, as well as to sign up for the Introduction Days* through the VU!

*You can sign up until the 1st of August 2020.


Just like the Introduction Week, this year we have changed up the formula to welcome as much new students as possible to our Introduction Weekend while maintaining social distance and making it as accessible as possible. That is why this year the Introduction Weekend will be split up into two seperate days full of amazing activities, music and a great lunch. That means that you will only attend one day, and both days will be the same, while still experiencing team bonding within new students and mentors!

We have also brought over our famous Bavaria bar so you can get a drinking card and get some beers and wines if you are 18 or older. If you have not emptied out your card before the end of the day, no problem! You can reuse this card on many other VSPVU activities, so that saves you some money as well. And the best thing of all: it has never been so cheap to participate in the Introduction Weekend! One ticket will include the lunch, activities and more!


The VSPVU is the study association for Psychology, Pedagogical Sciences and Education students at the VU. Membership only has benefits. Do you want to get more out of your study, get to know new people, enjoy the parties, social drinking gatherings and trips and everything else the VSPVU has to offer? Become a member!

Benefits of the membership:
- Member for the rest of your time as a student
- 10-14% discount on all your study books (which you can also use online!)
- Over 100 euros discounts on your first years' study books!
- Discount on the summaries
- Discount on the activities the VSPVU organises
- Expand your social network in the university
- Become an Active Member (organizing activities and more!)


The Illusie, also known as the Introduction Committee is the VSPVU’s pride and glory when it comes to the Introduction Days. They are the ones who are busy throughout the year with finding mentors, organizing activities for mentors and of course organizing the actvities during the Introduction Days and Weekend! You can contact them by mailing to

Hey guys! I am Liza, I am 19 years old and an upcoming second year Psychology student. I am an active member of the VSPVU and I am planning on staying one in the future. Being an international student is really great, Amsterdam is an amazing city and the VU is a great university. I am always having a blast here!

Hiya, I’m Kinza, a 20 year old first year student and head of promotions in the introduction committee. As head
of promotions, my role includes creating exciting and informative posters about the activities of the committee such as Mentor Selections Day. I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music, vibing and the occasional study sesh at VU.

Heya! I am Luna, 19 years old, a second-year psychology student and responsible for arranging external contacts. Originally I come from the east of the country, but I really enjoy myself in Amsterdam, at the VU and of course the VSPVU. Unfortunately, the introduction week as we envisioned it cannot take place, but let’s make it still a beautiful one! Have fun!


Of course, what are the Introduction Days and Weekend without any mentors? There are more than 40 Mentors this year who will help you and your fellow students in the Mentor Groups to make you more experienced with the VU as well as the student life in Amsterdam. From good restaurants to clubs, they know all the hotspots that you must visit at least once in your student life! They also have a lot of experience with the education as well, so maybe they can share you some tips as well to make the most out of your education! Here are some of our mentors!

Esteemed first years, we are Martijn & Yamal. Two sports fanatics with an interest in the human mind. Other than that we excel in partying and are certified centurion gladiators.

Wessel and Maarten met each other during last year’s Intro week and we had an amazing time together. We celebrated Wessel’s birthday which was during the week and we decided to become mentors.

Jessi & Juli, a match made in heaven! No matter if partying, eating, crying or studying, there is no limit for these two! Come join our family because you will have the time of your life! :))


The Tranz is a booklet provided by the VSPVU which explains a lot of different subjects, shows what the Introduction Days have to offer and much, much more! There is also a part of the Faculty in which you can find really useful information! It is a great way to get to know the VU, Amsterdam and VSPVU. Below you can find some subjects being discussed in this magazine, as well as a download button to open the Tranz!


The VSPVU has everything you need to get you started with your education. From discounts on summaries, books, lectures and fun activities to vacancies and other job oppertunities, it is worth it for sure to become a Member or Active Member!

Introduction Days

Want to know who are all the Mentors that will participate in the Introduction Days? Or do you want to see a map with some highlights concerning where to find things in Amsterdam? This part of the Tranz has all of that and more!


If you ever get stuck in studying or you need to conctact the study advisor or someone else, it's good to know who you can reach for which important matters. It is also fun to read up what the teachers have to say concerning starting your education!


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